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Communication Experience

Are you ready to elevate your communication game?

Our cutting-edge telephony services are here to revolutionize the way you connect and collaborate. Unlock a savings of at least 35% per customer!
We offer tailored solutions for large corporations, for the highest level of customization, security, and support. Contact us today and begin saving right away!

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Stuck in a document nightmare?

Artificial Intelligce Processing is the answer!

Our team has saved hundreds of thousands for our valued clients by automating core/repetitive tasks, integrating them in existing systems and by providing intelligent analytics on the data. Contact us today and let us help you.

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Do you have the full picture?

Numbers alone are not enough...

We build intuitive Dashboards! Less numbers, more Business Intelligence!
Let us bring you to the next level.

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Are templates driving you crazy?

We build Custom Web Applications.

All of our customized project development start with a thorough systems analysis and keeps the focus on solutions that suit you rather than trying to fit you in a predefined template solution. Contact us today and let us help you.

Welcome to our Website - We provide high quality software solutions

"Creating Solutions to optimize your business Performance!"
Great Support

We provide support for all of our products and services. We believe in providing a solid solution that can grow with you and if you need changes we are here to support you.

Customized yet Simple

We build custom solutions centered around your unique needs. We strive to keep our applications simple and intuitive by putting them through vigorous testing before any release.

Proven Results

Before beginning our projects, we spend are great deal of time exploring your particular needs and requirement specifications before going back to the drawing board. Hence, we customize all solutions to best meet your needs and help you reach the level of excellence.


Our philosophy is to build applications for multiple platforms. Rich in UI experience, our applications are responsive on all operating systems. We utilize HTML5 and CSS3 to assure adaptability.


How can we get started?

All of our products and services start with the "Requirement Gathering" phase. This allows us to build a customized solution for our customers.
Contact us today to get started.

Do we need your Products or Services?

Yes, most businesses and organizations can benefit from our services both big and small. We have a large variety of clients. Some of our clients include: non-profit organizations wanting to showcase their projects on an interactive touch-screen panel, small businesses wanting to sell more products online, large businesses wanting a custom overhaul of their applications, and corporations needing a complex project management software.

Do you provide training with your products and services?

Yes, we offer training with our products and services. We provide adequate training for our clients. Such training may include Conference calls, training manuals, video tutorials, on-site customer and IT staff training.

Is building a website enough?

In today' s world just building a website is not enough. Traffic on a website plays a big role in its success. Thats' s why all of our web sites/applications are written with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. Our trained professionals provide SEO services, Web Analytics, Web Search, and Social Media Advertising among many other things to cultivate ssuccess.

Do you provide IT Consultancy?

Yes! On top of our state of the art Software solutions, we also provide IT Consultancy. Our IT Consultants cover a wide range of IT Services, which include Computer Labs setup and support, IT Department setup, IT Security analysis, Best Practices analysis, and much more.


Gladius Solutions built a custom software application for us that exceeded our criteria. Not only did a software similar to this not previously exist, but this software was the first of its kind. They really went above and beyond! - Ian M, Alberta, Canada
Our companies have benefited from multiple applications built by Gladius Solutions. We appreciate the training they offer with their products. They are highly professional and great at what they do. - Caitlin K, Oklahoma, USA